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On The Other Side Of Sanity
On the other side of sanity
Bonjour ~
Those who don't know me, let me to introduce myself, not that you deserve it, because who doesn't know who I am, they're probably just cretins.I was a violinist, famous, and the youngest of them all.My name was included among the great ones, as long as I failed .. and it was the fault of the woman who I love the most.My name is Malo de Vigny , if you're not illiterates you can read it. I'm in my early twenties, but now ... everything is so foggy .. I'm not sure of anything. I'm from an aristocrat family, I was.. Mademoiselle Justine Florbelle's suitor .. I was one of the three. I don't want to take the word insignificant worms like those other two. People call me "arrogant pompous brat".. maybe I am, but what they mean to me? What I mean to them? Nothing, just never .. never will understand what I felt for her .. and still .. I think I'd do anything.Aren't left anything but the wonderful memories of the past, when I went to concerts, went to aristocracy parties, amused the ladies.. many things have changed.I am a shadow of the former .. bright shining star who I was.

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