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On The Other Side Of Sanity
On the other side of sanity
Bonjour ~
Those who don't know me, let me to introduce myself, not that you deserve it, because who doesn't know who I am, they're probably just cretins.I was a violinist, famous, and the youngest of them all.My name was included among the great ones, as long as I failed .. and it was the fault of the woman who I love the most.My name is Malo de Vigny , if you're not illiterates you can read it. I'm in my early twenties, but now ... everything is so foggy .. I'm not sure of anything. I'm from an aristocrat family, I was.. Mademoiselle Justine Florbelle's suitor .. I was one of the three. I don't want to take the word insignificant worms like those other two. People call me "arrogant pompous brat".. maybe I am, but what they mean to me? What I mean to them? Nothing, just never .. never will understand what I felt for her .. and still .. I think I'd do anything.Aren't left anything but the wonderful memories of the past, when I went to concerts, went to aristocracy parties, amused the ladies.. many things have changed.I am a shadow of the former .. bright shining star who I was.

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There are lots of mazing blogs of different fandoms! Go, follow them they all worthy and amazing. ((there are some Amnesia, Don’t starve  blog as well))

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Alois 2,


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Lois Racine

Malois de Racine

Mala de Vigny

Alison Racine

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Eddie Gluskin

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ooc: quick doodle but there you go now you can nominate 3 other muses!

Urgh…very well! I think I have right to pick 3 people! First, my brother in law, the second is Wilson and the third would be Clarice.

ooc: It’s a crazy idea but it’d be fun to make the muses do the ice bucket challenge. For example my muse is drawn as he does the challenge and he nominates 3 other muses and their mun draws their muses doing the challenge or something (or like me ask a talented artist to draw it v: )

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ooc: I don’t care what people say but I don’t want a perfect Alois to return to Justine :l She doesn’t deserve him. Besides his mun should play with himself if he’d love to play drama between Alois and Justine.


Very sad and ironic somehow..


Very sad and ironic somehow..

ooc: If Weyer and Agrippa were woman they’d have been Johanna and Agrippina.


ooc: I know it looks odd but let’s hope in colors will be fine.


ooc: It sucks bad I know..I drew it so fast :l I love how I can draw face and can’t draw a fucking shirt..Anyway, here, have some demon Wilson.

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